5 Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

People think about sex all the time. As we grow older, we start out with wondering what it would be like, and soon we reach a point where we just can’t stop talking about it.

Despite that, erectile dysfunction, a common sexual problem in men, remains a mysterious topic. Many myths about the topic keep circulating, which makes matters worse for those experiencing it.

Let’s discuss some basic points about erectile dysfunction to separate fact from fiction




It’s Not Just About an Erection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t just the inability to get an erection, but the problem does revolve around erection. The reality is that there are different levels of ED that cause problems in getting an erection. It can also mean men with ED experience erections but don’t last long in bed .

ED Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

You know how they say that performing in bed usually deals with the mind? Well, that’s not entirely true. At times, sexual problems like ED are a sign of more significant issues. According to research, ED can be caused by diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and much more. It could also lead to other health problems if ignored. So, if you’re facing a bad case of ED, please visit your physician as soon as possible

You’re Not the Only One

If you’re struggling with ED, you’re not alone. According to Healthline, 52% of men in the United States have ED. Men over forty may also be more likely to develop ED, a trend indicated by the fact that 40% of men above 40 are affected by ED in the country.


It’s All in The Head

Getting an erection is as much mental as it’s physical. For instance, if you’re experiencing stress and have some childhood trauma that’s clogging up your mind, ED may become a problem. Men who complain about stress, anxiety, or PTSD often experience ED.


ED Stress Can Make Matters Worse

If stress can cause ED, ED can further deteriorate your mental capacity. Most men get frustrated by their inability to perform in bed, which causes more stress. So, you should consult a doctor or a sex therapist to help you with this problem.

Summing it Up

Most men are ashamed of talking about erectile dysfunction, but the conversation around it is important.  So, at times like these, you need someone who can help you out and help you (or it) to stand up. At OJOM, we offer help and advice for those experiencing ED. Our ED medicines are created with safe, natural ingredients and are known for their effectiveness. Talk to us today!